Kocide 3000-O for Tree Nuts

KOCIDE 3000-O is the most technologically advanced copper fungicide in the market. It delivers the maximum concentration of biologically active copper ions while preserving plant safety. Its patented BioActive™ technology enables lower metallic copper use rates, an environmental plus, all without compromising excellent disease protection. Kocide 3000-O provides a foundation for disease control in almonds when applied as a late dormant spray and in walnuts when applied starting at pre-bloom or when catkins begin to expand. Kocide 3000-O provides excellent walnut blight control. It is an outstanding dry flowable formulation for easy handling, mixing and use in tree nuts.

Increased bioactivity. Excellent dispersion. Long residual. It all adds up to make KOCIDE 3000-O the best copper fungicide your money can buy.


  • Walnut blight
  • Bacterial blast
  • Bacterial canker
  • Coryneum blight (shot hole)
  • Blossom brown rot
  • Kernel rot
  • Eastern filbert blight
  • Alternaria late blight

Label At A Glance

Kocide 3000-O for tree nuts

Crop Target Diseases Use Rate Range Use Instructions
Almonds Bacterial blast, Bacterial canker, Blossom brown rot, Coryneum blight (Shot hole) 2.5 - 7 lb./A Begin application as a protectant. Apply at late dormant and during early bloom.
Filberts Eastern filbert blight 7 - 10.5 lb./A Begin application as a protectant starting at bud swell to bud break and continue at 14 day intervals until needed in early May.
Pecans Kernel rot, Shuck rot, Zonate leaf spot 0.75 - 1.75 lb./A Begin application as a protectant. For suppression start applications at kernel growth and continue until shucks open. Apply at 2 to 4 week intervals.
Pistachios Botryospheaeria panicle and shoot blight, Botrytis blight, Late blight, Septoria leaf blight 1.75 - 3.5 lb./A Make initial application at bud swell and repeat on 14 to 28 day intervals.
Walnuts Walnut blight 3.5 - 7 lb./A Apply first spray at early pre-bloom or when catkins are partially expanded. Make additional applications during bloom and early nutlet stage on 7 day intervals.

Always read and follow label directions and precautions before using product.


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