Kocide 2000 for citrus

KOCIDE 2000 copper hydroxide bactericide/fungicide is used to control a wide range of diseases in citrus, tree fruit, nuts, and many other crops. Its optimum particle size and proprietary formulation provides outstanding coverage and rainfastness. Kocide 2000 is easy on beneficials and can be used throughout the citrus growing cycle.


  • Algal spot
  • Greasy spot
  • Melanose
  • Pink pitting
  • Citrus canker
  • Alternaria brown spot
  • Phytophthora brown spot
  • Phytophthora foot rot
  • Scab

Label At A Glance

Kocide 2000 for Citrus

Target Diseases Use Rate Range Use Instructions
Algal spot, Melanose, Scab 3 - 9 lb./A Apply as pre-bloom and post-bloom sprays. Minimum retreatment interval is 7 days.
Greasy spot, Pink pitting 1.5 - 4.5 lb./A Apply in summer on expanded new flush. Repeat on subsequent flushes. Minimum retreatment interval is 7 days.
Alternaria brown spot 3 - 6 lb./A Apply on susceptible varieties when the first spring flush appears and each flush therafter. Application to fruit should start after two thirds of the petals have fallen and be repeated on a 7 to 21 day schdule if needed.
Citrus canker (suppression) 2 - 4 lb./A Spray flushes 7 to 14 days after shoots begin to grow. Young fruit may require an additional application. Minimum retreatment interval is 7 days.
Phytophthora brown rot, Septoria spot 3 - 6 lb./A Begin applications in fall before or just after the first rain and coninue if needed. Minimum retreatment interval is 7 days.

Always read and follow label directions and precautions before using product.


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Commercial growers in the U.S. can contact their local ag chemical dealers to purchase Kocide copper fungicide products supplied by Certis USA.
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