Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main active ingredient in the Kocide products?

The main active ingredient of the Kocide® products is cupric hydroxide, also known as copper (II) hydroxide. It is the hydroxide of metal copper with the chemical formula of Cu(OH)2. Among various types of copper fungicides, cupric hydroxide is widely used as a protectant fungicide for disease control in stand-alone and mixture applications with other fungicides/bactericides.

When Was Copper First Used?

It is believed that copper was the first metal worked by man. The pliable metal is named from the Latin word “cuprum,” meaning “from the island of Cyprus” from which the Roman Empire extracted much of its copper.

Because copper is a soft metal, it was strengthened with other metals. Bronze was the first copper alloy made stronger with the addition of tin.

Copper compounds, the mixture of copper and other elements, were discovered to have insecticidal, fungicidal and algicidal properties and began to be used extensively in agriculture to control animal and plant diseases.

Where can I purchase Kocide products?

Please visit our Where to Buy page to locate the distributor that handles sales in your region.

Where can I use Kocide products?

Cupric hydroxide is registered for use in 75 countries globally and in all four major regions of the world, namely North America, Europe, Central and South America and Asia. Please visit our product label page for products labeled in the U.S. Please contact your local dealer/distributor to determine a product's registration status in your country.

Organic or Conventional production?

Our products were and will be widely used both for organic and conventionally grown fruit and vegetables, particularly for grapes and citrus fruit. Be sure to check a product's compliance within any organic certification programs you participate with in your country.

Always read and carefully follow product label instructions.

Can Kocide protect crops against frost?

Yes, Kocide 2000, Kocide 3000 and ManKocide can all be used to minimize or protect from frost injury. Kocide products kill ice nucleating bacteria just as it controls other disease causing organisms. Research has demonstrated that reducing populations of ice nucleating bacteria also reduces frost damage in citrus, potatoes, tomatoes, pears, almonds and other crops.