Kocide is the U.S. leader in copper-based fungicide/bactericide products. For more than 50 years, Kocide products have been manufactured in the U.S. and have proven to be the most trusted, proven, reliable and technologically advanced copper fungicides on the market. With enhanced BioActive™ technology and a patented manufacturing process, Kocide products provide superior disease control. Tested and proven by universities around the world, Kocide products effectively control many diseases on fruit, vegetable, citrus, nuts and a variety of other crops.

Kocide 2000
Kocide 3000-O

Kocide products are registered for use in the USA.
Always refer to Product Labels and SDS for specific application and safety information.

Where to Buy

Commercial growers in the U.S. can contact their local ag chemical dealers to purchase Kocide copper fungicide products supplied by Certis USA.
For more information about purchasing our products, please contact:

www.CertisUSA.com / 1.800.250.5024
Certis USA Sales Representatives

In the News

New Kocide® 3000‑O Approved for Organic Crop Production

Kocide LLC announces approval of Kocide® 3000‑O, a superior copper fungicide/bactericide, for use in organic and conventional crop production.

Kocide 3000‑O is now registered for organic use on citrus, conifers, field crops, small fruits, tree crops, vegetables and vines. Read and follow label directions. Kocide 3000‑O is NOP Approved and OMRI® Listed.

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