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    Kocide: The Agriculture Industry's Copper Standard for over 50 years.
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    Kocide 3000-O: Our Best Copper Fungicide Formula. Ever.
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    Kocide 3000: Our Best Copper Fungicide Formula. Ever.

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New Kocide® 3000-O Approved for Organic Crop Production

Kocide LLC announces approval of Kocide® 3000-O, a superior copper fungicide/bactericide, for use in organic and conventional crop production.

Kocide 3000-O is now registered for organic use on citrus, conifers, field crops, small fruits, tree crops, vegetables and vines. Read and follow label directions. Kocide 3000-O is NOP Approved and OMRI® Listed.

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Kocide 2000 is a copper hydroxide bactericide/fungicide used to control diseases on vegetable, fruit and tree crops.

Kocide 3000-O delivers improved concentration of copper ions in a formulation while preserving plant safety. This allows for a lower use rate while providing more active metallic copper than competing products thereby allowing growers to comply with the new RED metallic copper limitations and obtain effective disease control.

ManKocide is a broad spectrum fungicide that provides maximum protection against both fungal and bacterial diseases.